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uRlTeX is an online TeX engine, targeted for generating images of equations from the url for simple embedding in a webpage.

This is an equation created with uRlTeX: missing image

To create a png image, request the url urltex.com/png/[equation mode TeX code].

To create a svg image, request the url urltex.com/svg/[equation mode TeX code].

Note that backslash has to be url-encoded as "%5c" which makes the TeX-code a bit annoying to read.

Here is another example creating an svg: missing image

And another one: missing image


Embedding in a page

To create an image based on a TeX equation, simply do

<img src="http://urltex.com/png/F(%5comega) = %5Cint_{-%5cinfty}^%5cinfty f(t) e^{-i%5comega t} dt" alt="Fourier transform" />

This will redirect to the image
Fourier transform

Generating images for use anywhere

Two formats are suported: png and svg.

Fill in the TeX code for the wanted equation below and press OK to get the image and a properly formatted url for its generation.

Form Image

For png, the URL to paste in your html is:

And for svg it is:

More infor on TeX

If you do not know TeX, perhaps this site is not super useful, but I would think it is still the easiest way to get a pretty equation to a website, so might be worth reading up a bit.

Things to do

There is a discussion on Reddit where you can post comments or wishes.


This is a micro-service provided by RAR AB, info@rar.nu for more information.